Clay Jordan-Inventor

My Story

My name is Clay Jordan. I have been an ag chemical applicator for over 21 years.

In that time, I have mixed thousands of loads of chemicals.

One night, I was trying to measure some thick opaque material in dim light.

It was difficult because the chemical coated the inside of the measuring container I was using, making it impossible to see what level the chemical was at, looking at it from the outside.

That's when I came up with the idea of steps in the container so the measuring could be done looking at the inside. This make it safer to use because the container can be set on the ground or at a low level instead of almost eye level.

It was also really easy to use. Hence the name, E-Z Chem. The E-Z Chem chemical measuring container still has a large numbered scale on the outside and the steps are at each pint mark.

This measuring container helps you do a better job of mixing because you can measure quicker and more accurately using the correct amount of chemical.

I hope you will find the E-Z Chem as helpful and easy to use as I have.

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