EZ Chem-Chemical Measuring Container

The EZ Chem-Chemical Measuring Container is designed to improve measuring accuracy and reduce spillage of expensive or potentially hazardous chemicals.

It is easy to read, extremely durable and 100% made in USA.

The EZ Chem-Chemical Measuring Container makes measuring chemicals simple and mess free.

The 10 Problems Everyone Has Using A Measuring Container--And How The EZ Chem Solves Them.

1. Measurement unit conversion. Knowing how many ounces are in a pint and vice versa. The EZ Chem does the math for you right on the container for easy measuring.

2. Clearly communicating to workers that speak another language. You say one thing, they think another. With the EZ Chem, just point to the stepped pint marks and they know how much to use.

3. Difficult to read in low light. You either bring the toxic chemicals close to your face so you can see or you just guess. Either way, its dangerous. The EZ Chem has LARGE numbers and easy to read in low light.

4. Spilling chemicals. You don't have to. With the EZ Chem, the container is funneled to give you the largest amount of room to pour. Then the special designed pour spout makes it easy for accurate pouring, even for thick chemicals.

5. After using thick chemicals, I can't read the measurements. With the EZ Chem's see through design and stepped measuring marks, you can reuse the container over and over again and still measure accurately.

6. Difficult to grip with gloves. You don't have to keep taking on and off your gloves. The EZ Chem is designed with easy grip in mind while wearing gloves. The handle is also durable and reinforced.

7. Made in a foreign country. The EZ Chem is made 100% in the USA to support our country. Even the idea was created in the working farm fields of the USA.

8. Harmful to the environment. Will the product stay in landfills for 130 years? Well, the EZ Chem is 100% recyclable and Earth friendly.

9. It's not customized. We offer you the ability to custom imprint your company's logo and information onto the container.

10. Will it work for me. The only way to know is to try it. Send away for your free sample of the EZ Chem Chemical Measuring Container today. Call (866) 369-4147.

EZ Chem-Chemical Measuring Container
100% Made In The USA

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